Hello. Welcome.

One smart lady (yes it’s you Mrs. Dyson) suggested that I start a blog for all the yummy food I post regularly on FB 🙂 After MONTHS of procrastination and some inspiration from a dear friend, I’ve finally dragged my sorry arse off the couch (oh it’s still on the couch) to start this visual diary. Not just food, but everything beautiful in life ❤

I hope you will enjoy this 🙂


4 thoughts on “Hello. Welcome.

  1. Mrs Dyson wholeheartedly approves of this blog and will follow it religiously! I’m just sorry we can’t easily travel to Italy to eat all the yumminess xx

  2. You’re right, there are more than 3 posts…I’ve just read all your posts on my laptop lol. Beautiful pics and my oh my Gio’s pasta recipes are to die for. For my next pasta night, I’m def referring to your man’s recipe. Don’t forget to post that risotto one you told me abt today. Keep blogging! Love your work!!! ❤ xx

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