Gio’s no-fail bolognese recipe

Many a times this sauce has been a salvation! It serves as a hearty meal during wintry nights and a fantastic base for lasagne. You can cook up a gigantic pot and freeze it until you need it. Winning! Whenever the man makes spaghetti bolognese, I could wolf down a plate…or two :p

– olive oil
– diced carrots, onions and celery
– beef mince, pork mince/good quality sausage
– bottle of red wine (leave a glass out)
– tomato paste
– fresh rosemary
– salt and pepper

Use a large heavy-bottomed pot, place it on medium heat. Add a generous lug of olive oil and fry your diced veggies. When they are translucent, increase the fire, add the meat (remove sausage skin) and stir until they are brown all over.

Next stir in the tomato paste and wine. Add the rosemary. Bring the sauce to a boil, then lower the fire and let it simmer. We usually do not cover the pot.

While the sauce is simmering away for a couple of hours, take the glass of wine and enjoy it 🙂 don’t forget to stir occasionally. Do season and taste!

You will know that it is ready once the sauce has reached a rich and thick consistency. Buon appetito!



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