A weekend by the sea

In my books, summer = seaside 🙂

Last weekend the man and I had a getaway to the sea. We went to Camogli which was a 2.5 hour drive away.
Camogli is a quaint little fishing village and tourist area. Upon arrival, we immediately downed a granita each and had a focaccia for lunch. We thought we’d be adventurous to attempt the 3 hour hike through the National Regional Park of Portofino. Our destination – San Fruttuoso!

My oh my…what started easy enough for the first hour soon turned into agony! It’s not funny how seriously unfit I am and soon enough my legs were screaming murder! Some parts of the hike were tricky. At the starting point they even had signs saying “pericoloso”, meaning danger. This was because we had to hike around the cliffs, and at these parts you are walking around the cliff on a teeny weeny path, holding onto a metal chain for your dear life while the waves crash beneath you @_@

We walked past the cutest bar in a cave! I was so tempted to have a G&T!

YAY we finally made it to San Fruttuoso! It is such a pretty little cove, worth the hike…almost! We sat back and relaxed, unfortunately at a very pricey tourist trap!


Later that night we drove to Portofino. I’ve heard so much about this place from those who have been there and now I can see why they love it so.


On Sunday, we headed straight to the beach at Camogli. Sun sun glorious sun!

For lunch we went to Recco, the birthplace of the focaccia. Don’t worry that’s not a single serve haha!

And to wrap this perfect weekend up, we got more magnets for the fridge!



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