Just like old times

Could you believe I once used to lock this girl up in my room while I went to a doctor’s appointment, so that she’ll still be there to play Barbie dolls with me when I return? I was 9 then, and she was 10. Fast forward almost twenty years later, with a big chunk of our lives living in different parts of the world, it is incredible how our close sisterhood has remained 🙂 luv u Shirlley


She dropped in for a weekend visit from Sweden, and I got to show her the beauty of one of my favourite places – Lake Como. We went on a boat ride around the lake, and for 5 euros (one way) you could hop off at any of the stops. Today we walked on the streets of Argegno.



It was such a gorgeous day, not only were we ooh-ing over the beautiful lakeside villas, but also at this incredibly fabulous lady on the boat !


Our last stop was Cernobbio, which for me is the prettiest town on the lake. We stopped over at the iconic Harry’s Bar.


Saw a wedding


And did some stalking hehe



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