Double trouble have landed

Oh dear, these two.

It only seemed like yesterday that I bid them farewell in Sydney and we were reassuring that we’ll see each other in six months…and poof! Here they are!

Elizabeth and Mina are my to-go girls: To go to for a good time out as well as to go to when having a bad day. We have each others’ backs. We’ve spent many crazy times together back in Australia and I knew that once they arrived, it would be epic!

The girls started their Italian journey by easing into it (they’ve just spent almost ten days in Thailand doing nothing!). So for the first day, it was a lazy day on Lake Como.

The next day, we went on a girls’ trip to Camogli as I’ve enjoyed my previous stay there immensely. It was perfect tanning weather and when it got real hot, we’d go for a dip in the sea. One thing I love about the sea here is that it’s so salty you don’t need much energy to stay afloat!

Ever the fashionistas, The girls bought a pair of hand made shoes each which were made in front of our eyes!

Our hotel, Hotel Casmona was located right on the seafront and has breathtaking views.

We also did a day trip to beautiful Portofino.

A nice couple suggested that we visit the castello because of the incredible views. They were spot on!

Now the girls have gone, bringing their chaotic presence with them to Rome and Greece. I miss them already but I know it won’t be long before triple trouble reunites again!


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