A flower riot

During my uni years, I lived in Canberra. Most people perceive it as a sleepy little town (or gasp when they find out it’s the capital of Australia!) and one of the normal questions I get asked is “but what do you DO there for fun?”. As I said, it ain’t no party central!

However, Canberra is wonderful for its family-oriented festivities all year round. Floriade – a flower festival usually from Sept-Oct, being my favourite! My favourite memory was one year, many years ago that my close friends and I spent the whole afternoon picnicking and taking silly photos there 🙂



Sometimes it’s worth taking a closer look

These colours make me feel stupidly happy!

After that, we set off to Cockington Gardens, a miniature park. It has been more than 15 years since I last set foot there. I remember my first visit: wearing an orange Peter Rabbit jumper, rainy, sipping apple juice out of a box. Now, it is still as memorable as it was back then.





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