Christmas Down Under

Christmas in Australia might seem very strange to some. It’s bloody hot, shops are closed, and listening to Silver Bells in a 30+ degree weather just doesn’t cut it, does it?

For us, we get… a SUMMER CHRISTMAS!

Sun. Surf. Sea.

This Christmas a group of friends and I decided to escape the hustle and bustle of Sydney. We drove 2+ hours north-east to Port Stephens.

We lazed under the sun at Shoal Beach, and did get quite burnt. My sister had a lovely iPhone-sized tan mark on her thigh, which of course she’d left her phone on while tanning hehe!

We walked around the Nelson Bay Marina, checking out the quaint touristy shops and the fishes in the harbour. It was like an underwater city busy with hectic schools of tiny fish traveling to and fro!

On the last day, we went to the Worimi Conservation Lands for some fun activities! There were camel riding, sand boarding and quad biking available at the sand dunes. My sister and I opted for sandboarding. It was so much fun! We ate a lot of sand. It was crunchy.

The beach next to the dunes is simply breathtaking.

Happy Christmas and New Year to you 🙂


One thought on “Christmas Down Under

  1. Ting. I loved yr blog. So vividly described. Kylie that sun tan + the hp radiation is worrying. I hope u.have better sense next time. If it still burns if u have aloe vera cream if not pat with vinegar soaked in cloth ir cotton wool. Take care mom

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