Australia Day Getaway

Another road trip, another adventure. For Australia Day, we set off down south to Jervis Bay – lured by the promise of cerulean waters and white, white sand.

The drive down was fun and filled with interesting stopovers. Of course we tend to stop by the magnetic pull of food! Nothing new here…

Home-baked chai apple crumble – Otford Pantry
Longing to jump into this gorgeous rock pool
A quick stop at Kiama to see the famous blowhole

Finally arriving at our cozy beach house. I was so happy that it was stocked with cool DVDs and books. We were visited by some friendly lorikeets and a really fat possum too!


We visited a few beaches and without a doubt Hyams Beach was my favourite. It definitely is the most beautiful beach I’ve set foot on in Australia. Apparently this beach is in the Guinness Book of Records for having the whitest sand on earth.

Ahhh…summer days ❤

Filled with simple joys,

as the waves crash over you.



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