Just recently, my family and I went on a trip down “down under” to Tasmania. I was really excited about it as I had imagined the wilderness to be as stunning as New Zealand, another family trip in 2010 which is still replayed vividly in my mind. As lovely as Tassie was, it was a muted version of what I had hoped for, which I likened as to eating your favourite meal when you have a cold – still nice to see, but doesn’t taste much. In all, we had a good time 🙂 Here’s some of the highlights:

I heard it was a must-see. Overall MONA did not disappoint but I have to admit that most of the exhibits were quite morbid. My favourite was “bit.fall” – where droplets of water form shape of words chosen from news websites. Amazing!


20140329-163242.jpg A good friend with rather eclectic tastes insisted that we MUST check out the poo machine. So we did. And my God, the 15 minute wait for the “poo” to come out was unbearable. It smelt like wet garbage, acid reflux and bile all rolled into one. Lucky I was able to be captivated by another image as we boarded to ferry back to the city.

The next few days were filled with scenic sights:

Truganini Lookout, Bruny Island


Bay of Fires

Cradle Mountain


And some photogenic farm animals! I love how the alpaca is leading the sheep 😀

The best experience on this trip was meeting some native animals. We saw Mr Wombat in the wild (up in Cradle Mountain), Mr Platypus showing off his diving skills and a family of echidnas guzzling down their supper!



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