Leggi-leggi Senegal

Over Easter, the man and I joined his mum and a family friend in one of their holiday homes in Ile D’Ngor, Senegal. It is a little island located off the peninsula of Cape Verde, a mere 5 minute boat ride from the village of N’gor.

I’ve seen photos of the house before, but was still blown away by the local touches and colourful bursts of mosaic.
We spent our days soaking up the sun
Or watching surfers

Fresh seafood was abundant and we ate until our bellies were full


We boarded pirogues (traditional fishing boats) across the sea

To visit places I’ve dreamt of going, such as Lake Retba. The lake is famous for its milkshake pink colour due to algae in the water. Unfortunately the weather conditions weren’t perfect and the lake wasn’t pink, thus hugely dissapointing šŸ˜¦
Note: The colour is particularly visible during the dry season (Nov-June)

Nevertheless, there are many other fascinating things to see…or buy!

Traditional paintings on cotton

Chew sticks (I haven’t gotten around the hang of that!)

Or some handbag material?

Day or night, the beauty of Senegal is everywhere


Each Senegalese greets us with “Ƨa va?” (French: how are you) and a big smile, and when we turn to go we say “leggi-leggi” to each other (Wolof: I see you very soon). So, thank you Senegal for a beautiful time and leggi-leggi!



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