Together forever

We’ve always known that we belong together. Trust me, it wasn’t love at first sight! Instead it was a growing sense of belonging, a natural and comfortable instinct that I am at home with this man for the rest of my life.

I still remember the day I found my engagement ring in a giant chocolate Kinder Easter egg.
The day itself was made more special by the presence of immediate family and a few close friends

We put on our serious faces at the city council, flanked by our respective witnesses and his uncle, the celebrant – resplendent in his official sash, and kind of looking like a giant present hehe!


Our scared faces when rice was thrown at us eek!

Then our happy faces when we partied up during a long lunch

I hope that our marriage will be one smooth ride

But won’t worry if it isn’t, because all is sweet as long as we have each other ❤



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