Island of the sun

Forget everything you thought you knew about Sicily. Sure, the Godfather t-shirts are plentiful on the streets and the cannoli, the best in Italy. A typical breakfast is a brioche with granita (where else is ice-cream/sorbet eaten for breakfast?!). Sicilians don’t dress like what you see in “Cinema Paradiso “, but you know what? It is truly a slice of paradise and one of the most spectacular places I’ve ever set eyes on.

We stayed for a few days in Trapani, located on the west coast. The old city is full of buildings designed in the Baroque style which made a pretty picture whilst strolling around.


Pretty little beaches dot the coastline north of the peninsula


THE FOOD!! Oh the glorious food! Every street and corner were full of eateries where one could mangia bene (eat well).
Clockwise L-R: coffee granita, giant cannolo with chocolate chips, busiate pasta with clams and cassatella (fried pastry with gooey warm ricotta inside). Insert ridiculous drooling face here!


The sunset leaves me at a loss for words


We spent a wonderful day on Favignana island, which is famous for its tuna fisheries.


We rented electric bicycles (an AMAZING invention by the way) and rode around the island, racing one another past ancient rock caves and sapphire seas.



A marvellous Sicilian proverb goes, "Zoccu è datu da Diu, nun pò mancari” (What is given by God, can’t be lacking). I couldn’t agree more.


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