Two is better than one. Yesterday we lived up to this statement by 1. tackling the summer heat 2. went somewhere new as we went on a motorbike ride to Bellinzona, Switzerland (around an hour’s ride away from home).

I think we made quite a colourful sight, especially with the man!
We zipped past the scenic lake of Lugano, rolling hills, old farmhouses and even a field of sunflowers! The feeling of the wind as it rushes on our bodies is both thrilling and magical at the same time. We even felt like we belonged in a little gang when other groups of bikies from the opposite direction were acknowledging us :p

Finally we arrived at Bellinzona, where the old meets the new

Saturday morning markets in the old city

Bellinzona is most famed for its three castles, which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We visited Castelgrande, mainly for its grounds (I secretly wanted to roll down the long-stretch of lawns)



The ride back was less exhilarating due to sore bums and sweatiness 😦 It was quickly remedied by jumping into the pool and a swimming lesson for Rocco! 😀

Secret: poor Rocco was pushed in!



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