L’albero dei gelati

Every now and then, there’s an exception to the rule. In this case, it’s a delightful exception – of which I can’t complain!

All the photos in my blog have always been taken in a day. However, these photos have been taken in the span of a numerous days…this week! This signifies how much the man and I are addicted fond of this place, considering that there are many fantastic gelaterias around!

L’albero dei gelati (tree of gelati) is a modern rebel, in a country revered for ice-cream. How is that so? Well most places sell the classic flavours: cream, hazelnut, pistachio, stracciatella (vanilla with chocolate pieces); but here you will be amazed to find chocolate infused with rosemary, lemon+honey+ginger, spirulina with edible flowers and this week’s seasonal special is zucchine! All ingredients are organic, produced by local farmers.

Love the cosy decor



And the rainbow of choices!




5 thoughts on “L’albero dei gelati

  1. I just finished my tour of Italy, and omg, the amount of gelato we ate was crazy! I had this amazing peach with basil one that was just to die for! And pistachio and ricotta is super delicious! Love the photos! 🙂

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