Mangia longa

Last Sunday was exactly my kind of weekend! A gastronomical walk 😀 We drove up Schignano for their mangialonga event, which directly translates into “eat long”. The plan is to walk around 8km, passing through several little towns and stopping to snack at each of them. Amazing right!

We started off early in great spirits!


And eager to get through the list


The walk was beautiful. There was a steep rocky hill or two but it was mostly flat. The views were breathtaking


I especially enjoyed the charming homes…and unique mail boxes


We spotted a few hidden gems along the way



The food was very simple, a bit of a let down though. Here we were tantalised by dreams of fresh mountain produce, imagining that each bite would embody the taste of nature. We were disillusioned. Yet the local folk who served us at each stop were very hospitable, for which we appreciated.


Still, it was worth it 😀 After all fresh air and good friends are always priceless.



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