Girlscapes: val d’aosta

Being a girl is fun! Throw in two other girls and it’s triple the fun 😀 I spent a girly weekend away on the mountains of Aosta Valley with two lovely friends – Ilse and Fallon.

We drove up leisurely on Saturday morning. The sun was out and there were zero cars on the highway. Things were looking great already haha!

We arrived at our accommodation after two hours. The Hotel Village looks too charming to be true. There you have your traditional Swiss chalets on the outside, but inside the design is dominantly Scandinavian – organic, practical and oh-so-chic.
Actually we were on a mission this weekend. The secret code: SPA.

Location: Thermal baths of Pre St Didier
Mission duration: 5 hours
Final result: Mission ACCOMPLISHED

The spa is set in a valley surrounded by mountains which make for a stunning backdrop. One side you could see mountains with lots of greenery and another side you could see snowy peaks.


At times it did seem we were part of a secret sect, with the uniform being fluffy white bathrobes and flip flops :p

There were many facilities available, indoors and outdoors. We spent many happy hours exploring them all.

This pool plays soothing music (or Navajo music according to the girls :p) when your ears are submerged

This was our absolute favourite! Warm showers of rain descended upon us whilst the lights changed colours. We pretended to be in a steamy Jennifer Lopez music video looool

There were also many resting spots for when you get tired from er…relaxing


That night we had a fantastic dinner at the restaurant of our hotel. Björk is a Scandinavian restaurant which is very much reflected in its food and concept. A noteworthy praise of this establishment (as well as the hotel) is that the staff were unquestionably marvellous. They were the best staff I’ve ever came across in Italy, or possibly Europe.


Some of the delicious dishes were:

Sommrig Böcklingsallad – smoked herring salad with poached egg, marinated celery and fennel

Urvai av nordisk fisk – mixed Nordic fish

Isade skogsbär – frozen wild berries with cardamom-infused hot white chocolate

On Sunday we walked around the town of Aosta. It was very pretty and much bigger than I thought.

Mini Cooper show at the piazza

Interesting items for sale at the Sunday markets

And also beautiful relics such as the Roman Theatre, which was built in 25 BC.


I can’t wait for the next girlscape! ❤



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