Uè Napoli!

Our little getaway to Napoli was all hustle and bustle, just like the city itself. We were there accompanying mum-in-law who had to visit some clients.

As the birthplace of the Margherita pizza, as well as boasting the best coffees in Italy, we made sure that we filled our bellies with the very finest.

We consulted friends, taxi drivers, food blogs which directed us to a couple of the most popular ones. From there, we had to make THE CHOICE.
But you know what? Screw THE CHOICE. We pretty much went to all recommended places, thanks to our knowledgeable taxi driver Alfonso.

Gambrinus – coffee


Cimmino – coffee and pastries


Starhotels Terminus – sfogliatelle

This was the hotel we stayed in, just next to the Napoli Central Station. Breakfast was included with our stay and to our amazement they had the tastiest sfogliatelle 😍 Imagine mouthfuls of crunchy thin pastry with warm citron-flavoured ricotta oozing out. DROOLING!! I don’t have a picture of the sfogliatelle (too busy eating) but I do have one of mum-in-law looking very elegant!


Gino Sorbillo – pizza


Da Michele – pizza

There’s a bit of a cute story to this. The night before, we went to another popular pizzeria Gino Sorbillo (pic above) for dinner. We had already been to Da Michele several times before so we were keen to try another competitor. The lines were mental and almost an hour later, we finally got to taste the pizza. The decision was divided. Mum-in-law preferred Gino whereas the man and I were set on Da Michele having the best Margherita pizza!

So the following day, the man was insistent on going to Da Michele. Mum-in-law and I were absolutely stuffed from breakfast (all those yummy sfogliatelle) so we declined. By midday there was already a long line snaking out of the pizzeria, therefore it was a given that non-paying customers would not have a place to sit. Instead we waited outside spying on him, just like parents at a toddler’s first day at school! 😂 It was hilarious seeing him sharing a table with strangers who were already got tucking in their food, whilst he looked enviously on.



We also drove up to Posillipo for a bird’s eye view of the city.


On the way down, Alfonso stopped at another scenic point. However the amount of paper litter was a huge distraction. Newspapers and cardboards were strewn across the pavement – an eyesore. We brought it up with Alfonso who promptly explained that every night, the amorous (and ingenious) Neapolitans drive up to that street, park, paper-up their windows and have their sexy times there! Ingenious! Talk about mobile hotels lol. I also found this interesting article reporting on this park and ride 🚙

We left Napoli with happy bellies and a newfound respect of the city and its inhabitants.


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