Girlscapes: Swiss Christmas Markets Extravaganza

This trip had been in the making since three months ago, between Becky and I (living in the UK and Italy respectively). She needed to use up her annual leave; I had seeds sown in my head of enchanted winter wonderlands. The final, and possibly the most important pull was glühwein – thus flights were booked and itineraries were planned. Our Swiss Christmas Markets road trip extravaganza commenced!
The first leg of our road trip was to Lucerne, a two hour drive from home. The city is very picturesque, due to its location by the Lake Lucerne and surrounded by mountains. We can’t help but feel like we were in an episode of an old-school thriller series.


One of the most famous sights – Kapellbrücke (Chapel Bridge) first built in the 14th century

The old town boasted many buildings with beautifully painted fronts



Clearly we had to eat local and what other choice could it be? Cheese fondue!! It was divine 😍

Lucerne at night is equally dazzling


The only Christmas Market that was on in Lucerne were a few stalls at the train station. The main ones were due to open in a few days. We weren’t too worried as we knew that there were more to come 😄

Day 2 saw an impromptu trip to Zurich. It is a bustling city with great chocolate and pastry shops but served the worst coffee I’ve ever had! Their Christmas Market was great and also conveniently located at the train station. If you are there, be sure to try the hot Jack Daniel’s Winter Jack drink! It is AMAZING!!!



Basel was next. There was a hint of trepidation before we arrived as some friends had warned us that there was nothing special about the city. We have never been happier to have been proven wrong! Basel turned out to be so much more. The only downside was that it was absolutely freezing! We made sure we had our hot drinks handy.

It has the loveliest old town and magnificent town hall – Rathaus

And hands down the BEST Christmas Markets…look at our happy glühwein -filled faces haha!

Our final stop was Montreux. It is another beautiful town with breathtaking scenery, especially from its lakeside promenade

The winner of all meals was this gruyere-filled bread…yum!

Montreux in the evening (and another happy glühwein shot)


We were very excited about Montreux as we were going to Santa’s House and the Christmas Village. We took a train up to Rochers de Naye to Santa’s House

The train ride itself was an experience. We saw some wild deer, lone houses and lots of fluffy clouds

We almost missed seeing Santa as the signs were shoddy. Luckily Becky spotted the tunnel entrance and led the way!

And voila!

We could only afford to sneak a few shots of Santa as we had to run to catch the train down the mountain, otherwise it would’ve been another hour’s wait. I was a bit devastated😳

So here’s our six days of pre-Christmas warming up! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about it as much as we had exploring the Christmas Markets. Here’s to a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful new year ahead.



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