The first bite of the travel bug has already set in early this year. There was a restlessness after all the good food from Christmas and New Year that had to be walked off. So yesterday, the man and I, his brother and the girlfriend went on a day trip to Verona.

Verona turned out to be one of the prettiest cities I’ve been to in Italy. It felt like a cozy version of Florence with the river Adige running beside the city. Every turn and corner revealed interesting shops and architecture.




We had an amazing lunch at Al Pompiere, which came highly suggested. The place was full of diners and no one without a reservation could get a table. Book ahead!

The winning dish of the day was the creamed bean soup with pasta. It was incredible! You know the saying “looks can be deceiving” – don’t underestimate this dish! I had the broccoli ravioli with black truffle and the house tiramisu for dessert. All very good.

One of the most visited attractions in Verona is the house of Juliet. There is a small courtyard, a balcony, a statue of Juliet and HUNDREDS of tourists! The right breast of the statue of Juliet is worn bare due to the legend that the person who strokes it will have luck in love.

This is my favourite photo of the day! My idea of a quintessential Italian scene.



7 thoughts on “Verona

  1. Hey Krystie!! Hopped over to your blog after seeing your comment. You’re a lucky girl to be living in Italy! Verona looks beautiful and if you say that it’s one of the prettiest cities in Italy, I trust you!! Glad to have met you through our blogs!!

    1. Hi Felicia! Thanks for checking it out 🙂 It sure is very pretty, and Italy has so much more to offer. You’d have to have a taste of Sicily one time! I live in Cantù (near Lake Como) in northern Italy. Perhaps we could meet up in your next visit! Stay in touch xx

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