Köln + London

Last week I had a great opportunity to travel to the beautiful city of Cologne, Germany for work. My role was to shadow the export manager of Asia/Africa/Middle East and to interpret at the Interzum 2015 fair for Salice spA – an Italian company which is one of the world leaders in door hinges.

During the week, we were always busy at the fair and only managed to catch quick glimpses of the landmarks from the hotel.

Dinners were usually quite late and very hearty. It was fun tasting the Kölsch, a local specialty beer brewed only in Cologne, which definitely went down well with the suckling pig!

On the last day of the fair, I finally had the chance to explore the city with a colleague. The impressive Kölner Dom (Cologne Cathedral) is a MUST to visit. Its black Gothic facade and towering spires will make you marvel not only at its architecture and history, but also how such a building can co-exist in harmony in today’s modern world. 

From Cologne, I set off to London to visit Elizabeth (an ex-colleague who was returning soon to Australia). Before I saw her, she promised to take me to the places “where all the cool kids hang”. I was not disappointed!

We walked around her old hood – Richmond. The grounds where she stayed before used to be the grounds of Richmond Palace. Being an avid fan of The Tudors tv series, I was fascinated by the past of this town :p

We also caught up with another ex-colleague and her partner, and went rowing down the river Thames. It was so much fun! We were all beginners and were given a free rowing lesson by the local boat club 🙂

After that, Liz and I went for a bicycle ride around Richmond Park. It was so green and fresh that I was in disbelief that we were still in London and not the countryside!

Riding past Ham House and thinking of ham….mmmm….

On Sunday we went to Camden Markets. There you can find a myriad of shops and food stalls catering to practically everything you could imagine. I love the quirky and original fashion designs, especially by Josiah Amari (who’s mum makes all the clothes herself in front of your eyes) and  Jekkah (African-inspired streetwear. I got myself an outfit!)

Top right: Josiah Amari

Bottom right: Jekkah  

Thank you London, you’ve been fantastic! Until next time xxx



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