Vroom vroom

You know how life can be like a whirlwind sometimes? Well last week was a tornado – in a great way 😀 

We were in Monte Carlo for the Formula One. It sounded to cool to be true: free access to all areas, private transport through a secret tunnel and most of all, unlimited drinks!
We saw Prince Albert and Princess Charlene open the race in an electric blue BMW i8 which looked like something from the outer galaxy. 


A lot of colourful personalities, such as Moko (top photo), a superfan traveling around the world attending F1 races, purely for enjoyment.  He knew everyone and everyone knew him too! 

Bottom photos: Paul Pogba, Lewis Hamilton


Don’t worry, the weekend wasn’t only about cars!  


 Some partying might have been involved with new friends, especially the fabulous Joo Li who convinced us to party on with her gang lol.


As great as it was, I was contented to be home.  I had forgotten how much hard work and energy it was to keep up with this pace and lifestyle, but at the same time absolutely grateful for the wonderful experience.

Merci Monte Carlo! You had made it very fun for us both. 



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