I wasn’t meant to go on this trip (it was supposed to be a boys’ fishing trip), however thanks to my mother-in law who found it outrageous that her son was leaving his wife alone for a week in summer, insisted that he took me along :p Sardinia turned out to be one of the most fun holidays ever and I am glad to have been to this beautiful paradise.

We stayed at our friend’s house in Golfo Aranci, a quiet suburb away from the maddening crowds of tourists. There is a campervan park nearby so there were still scads of people around. Who could blame them when the water is stunning like this?




And this photo, I SWEAR has no filter. Who wants to jump in?image

It was the perfect carefree getaway. We would wake up late, eat, go out to some island for a swim or fishing, lunch, nap, dinner, fishing. Repeat for six days. Ahhhh~~

Lovely seaside vibes in the houseimage


We would cook what we caught during fishing so there was plenty of seafood!

Calamari fishing – so much fun! It was really easy too. We would set out to sea at dusk, armed each with only a roll of nylon string and a weighted hook. We would lower the nylon until it reaches the bottom then pull it up a few metres. After that, we kept jigging the string until we’d feel something heavy and pull it up! Just take care that the calamari squirts water once you pull it out from the sea ūüôāimage

Tartufi di mare – “Sea truffles”image


imageClockwise from top left: tomato-based fish broth, spaghetti with tartufi di mare, octopus and pea stew and spaghetti with scampi.

During the nights, we would sit outside gazing at the twinkling stars strewn across the sky, and wait for the cinghiale (wild boar) to come looking for food scraps.

The simple life is sweet ‚̧



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