Prague is like a living fairytale – very picturesque, and to our admiration, extremely clean and safe. That was what we felt during our four-day stay there. 

Let’s bring you around. Here we go! 

 We wandered around mostly Prague 1 which is the municipal district of the region. It also includes most of the medieval sights.

Charles Bridge   
Old Town Square 

 Which is also home to the BEST trdelnik in town! It is a small stall next to MeetBurger. We had one pretty much after every meal!  
 Astronomical clock 

Overheard from a tour guide: This is the second most disappointing attraction in Europe *LOL* I wonder which is the first?

He meant that the hourly show is sort of an anti-climax because there isn’t much to it but this bad boy is the oldest functioning astronomical clock in the world (installed in 1410) and that makes it amazing in my books.


 St Vitus Cathedral

 Alas every fairytale has a villain, and ours was the thing we love the most -FOOD! Czech food is very heavy on meat and potatoes. While there were some tasty dishes we had, we found most of them to be too heavy. On the other hand, beer was excellent and thank goodness for trdelnik!

Very traditional meal of beef goulash, pork ribs, pork knuckle and beer  
 Our favourite eating places had to be Sisters for their chlebíčky (open sandwich) and Naše Maso for the freshest and juiciest burgers! These two places were recommended by Taste of Prague, a wonderful and informative blog on everything you need to know about Prague. 
    Dinner at Mincovna   Clockwise from top left: potato soup with vegetables and truffle oil, slow roasted pork knuckle, poached figs in caramel sauce, dumplings with red cabbage (we weren’t big fans of the dumpling) 

Thank you Prague for showing us your magic.



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