Barcelona happened to be a warm welcome after the biting cold of Prague. The city was alive with smells of food, milling tourists and chatty locals.

The Sagrada Familia was the most remarkable sight for me. You know how usually buildings and their facades look better on the outside? And how we are just contented with a photo posing outside showing we’ve “been there done that”? This was not the case. The interior was just mesmerising and I definitely urge everyone to visit inside when in Barcelona.


The play of lights streaming through the stained glass windows was out of this world  
In a different league but just as magnificent was the Barcelona Cathedral.

My favourite area was the Gothic Quarter with its dark and maze-like alleys.

An antique flea market was also nearby and was fun to browse through other peoples’ treasures (or trash :p)

Parc Güell was highly anticipated by us all, however it fell short and I’ll explain why – it just looked better in photos! That was the only reason. It made me wonder how many times each of us has fallen victim to what is real and what we see online. But still, I was happy to have been there 🙂

What would a post of Barcelona be without its food?! 

Our favourite eateries were:

Can Culleretes 

  The pork knuckle with prunes was divine!

La Boqueira food market
Heaps to choose from, starting with seafood, fruits, vegetables, candies and so on. For the man and I, we were enamoured by the jamon vendors. It was like being in a wonderland!  

A big hit with us was Casa de Tapes Cañota ( introduced by my food-obsessed friend Joo Li, small in size but mighty in appetite). The menu is adorable, a booklet filled with delicious delights and entertaining illustrations. 

I apologise of not having any photos of food, as we were too busy digging in! But here’s a sneak peek of their menu. Be sure to try the frogs’ legs! It was by far our dish of the night.

 I’d love to see more of Spain so hasta la vista baby!


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