Since moving to WA everyone has been gushing about Esperance. “It’s clear blue waters, it’s white white sand – you have to see it with your own eyes!” everyone enthused. Finally when we had a free weekend last week, the man and I road tripped to Esperance to check it out.

We set off Friday evening and the roads were well dark. The full moon guided us for a bit until it was eclipsed by clouds. In the far away distance, we could see the blinding high lights of monster trucks as they made their way to their destinations.

Finally we arrived in Esperance around 10pm and everything was closed. We had a quick meal at a Chinese restaurant that was luckily still opened, and were subjected to an OK meal but exorbitant prices. Is Esperance the Aussie version of the Hamptons?

We arrived at our Airbnb and went quickly to bed, exhausted by a working week and a 4 hour drive. The man kept tossing and turning, I in turn could not sleep a wink by his restlessness. That’s why at 5am we were out of the door with the camera in hand. 

It was freezing, but it was worth it.

After breakfast, we went to the Pink Lake (so not pink) and Cape Le Grand National Park. Lucky Bay was far by our favourite ❤

We had hoped to see kangaroos by the beach – because that’s what you find on the Internet when you google Esperance – no luck. At least we spied this!

Food. Always important! The Pink Lake Road Takeaway had THE BEST fish and chips I’ve ever tasted in my life! We had the gummy shark and it was truly omfg! Fresh fish with crunchy light batter, give me more!

It started to rain in the afternoon so we sought shelter in the cinema. We’ve just managed to arrive ONE MINUTE before show time, miserably thinking we’d have to sit right at the front but hey…

Private theatre yeah!!! We watched War Dogs and it was great!

Overall it was a nice weekend but we definitely should have gone when the weather was warmer. Still, it is comforting to know there is this slice of beauty not too far away.


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