This place is our home now – Kalgoorlie. Before we left Italy, I told everyone how much I was dreading the move to the middle of nowhere in the dusty red Australian desert. Everyone made clucky sympathy noises and promised to visit. “No!” I said, “Don’t come to me, I’ll come to you”.

The first month was a huge struggle. I had no job, no friends and all I lived for was the time for the man to come home after work. My days were an uninspiring routine of sending job applications, make dinner, wait for him, eat dinner followed by bedtime. Repeat. 

Slowly I started making friends, and landed a job. All the free time during the weekends were quickly filled with catching up, the library, gym, outdoor markets, baking (sometimes) and Priceline! Life didn’t seem so bad after all 🙂

Last week, I could not believe my eyes when I turned up to pick the man from the Perth-Kal train, his mum had flown in too for a surprise visit! My shock turned to happy tears as we hugged each other tightly. I am so glad I adore my mother-in-law!

She fell quickly and deeply in love with the town, declaring it even better than Perth! Her short trip was filled with activities and even the man and I didn’t realise that there were so many things to see! I’m glad to finally show you bits and pieces of Kal.

Breakfast of champions before setting off for adventure! (She ate banana bread and declined Vegemite lol)

Founded in 1893 during the gold rush of a neighbouring town, historic buildings are still standing proudly today.

Road trip to Menzies, Leonora and Gwalia.

A fantastic friend organised an underground mine site visit. What an experience! But of course I had no photos because it was completely dark in there (and we weren’t allowed to take photos).

Living so remotely away from big cities can definitely cause a grumble or two, but one thing Kalgoorlie isn’t lacking for – magnificent sunsets.

Having mum-in-law here and seeing Kal through her eyes have opened ours too. Thanks to fantastic friends, country spirit and friendliness, and a really good Thai restaurant..this place is beginning to feel like home.


One thought on “Kalgoorlie 

  1. Beauty is everywhere. Whether you want to open your eyes to embrace it or not, the choice is yours. I am glad you saw the goodness and the beauty.

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