Perth is like a wallflower. It isn’t as boisterous or popular like its sister Sydney, and lacks the urban sophistication of its cousin Melbourne. But it sits there quietly, waiting for someone to pay it attention who then would realise how on earth could it be overlooked in the first place. It is a slow kind of love. Once you get it, it will only grow.

I started to be a tourist in Perth only when my sister came to visit for Christmas last year, then also with my mum-in-law’s recent trip. The few times I had been to Perth before, the trips were always hectic with errands to run, and we usually arrived late at night, did what we came there for and headed back early the following morning – as it takes us almost 7 hours by car to get home. I am pretty happy that I am getting to know Perth more.

Perth cbd

King’s Park – a spectacular park located inner city. It boasts lush green lawns and jaw-dropping views of the city and water. Perfect for a picnic surrounded by nature.

The iconic Boatshed

Not forgetting – the best places to eat!

Our all-time favourite: Good Fortune Roast Duck house

New fav: James Parker Sushi and Sake

Matilda Bay Restaurant – my mouth waters whenever I think of this dessert “The Doughnut”

Last but not least, no trip to Perth is completed until you’ve caught the ferry to Rottnest Island and taken a selfie with a quokka! Tip: Sit at the top deck of the ferry unless you have a strong stomach for sea-sickness. The best way to get around the island is to rent a bike. 

The quokkas are accustomed to people so they are pretty friendly and curious. Say cheese!


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